• Adjustable type to production ratio
• Adjustable pedigree to linear ratio
• Adjustable milk-fat-protein ratio
• Adjustable inbreeding level
• Adjustable SCS count
• Adjustable calving ease
• Adjustable options for color
• Adjustable trait emphasis
Alta has a proven track record in the field of genetic breed improvement that spans over thirty years. And our mating program AltaMate has been designed to give the maximum flexibility to you, the producer, so it can meet your breeding philosophy and herd objectives. AltaMate is a truly personalized mating program.

The use of AltaMate will ensure the breeding strategy stays focused according to the herd goals and objectives which will increase your herd uniformity.
Mating options available...
• Genetic mate
• Pedigree mate
• Linear mate
• Hand mate
• aAa mate
• DMS mate